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On Handler

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For simplicity, we will refer to the dog on the handler as a “pose”.


Some poses are better suited to small dogs than large dogs,
and of course the dog’s safety is always paramount.


Poses that come to mind are:

1… Handler on hands and knees with dog sitting, standing or dropped on handler’s back. This could be stationary or with the handler moving.

2… Handler could be sitting on the floor, cross-legged, and the dog comes and sits in handler’s lap.

3… Handler could be lying on the floor, face-down, face-up or on side with dog on top most part of the handler sitting, standing or dropped.

4… In addition to 3 handler could roll as dog moved to adjust his balance.

5…For a very small dog you could have both front paws on top of one (handler’s) foot and both back paws across the other foot (handler could be sitting or standing). This could also be done across the top of handler’s knees while handler is sitting on the ground with legs stretched out or knees up.

6…Handler could be lying face down with legs bent at the knees so that the soles of the feet are free. Dog could stand on upturned soles of handler’s feet. I have seen this done and it can look very cute.

7…Handler could be lying on stomach with head held back and the dog is on the handler’s back with the front paws on the handler’s head. This looks very cute done by a small dog.

8…Dog could be sitting in handler’s lap with his front paws wrapped around the handler’s neck. Handler could have arms stretched out at shoulder height.

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