dog stances (behaviors)

These stances (also called moves or behaviors) are independent of position in relation to the handler and direction of movement by either the dog or the handler.

For small dogs, many of these exercises can be taught with the dog on a table. Ensure the table is not slippery and the dog is under good control so that he will not fall off due to excitement or distraction. The table can be covered with a blanket to make it non-slippery and if throwing treats to set up the dog for another trial be careful they do not roll off the table. You don’t want the dog off the table after the treat resulting in possible injury.

Four footed positions - basic body postures

Gaits - basic dog movements

Turns - controlled change of direction (done on the move or standalone exercise)

Circling Moves

Front Paw Work

Back Paw Work

Miscellaneous - less common postures 

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