The mission of the Musical Dog Sport Association is to ad  vance the sport of canine freestyle and to share the joy of the canine/human bond achieved through positive training, enhanced by the artistry of music and choreography. Created by freestylers for freestylers, MDSA defines Canine Freestyle as a dog sport in which training, teamwork, music and movement combine to create an artistic, choreographed performance highlighting the canine partner in a manner that celebrates the unique qualities of each individual dog. It is built upon the foundation of a positive working relationship of a dog and handler team. MDSA is proud to continue the tradition of growth and exploration of this new sport. We look forward to working in harmony with all as we strive towards our common goal to bring the wonder of canine freestyle and the joy of the dog and handler bond to even more people.


The Musical Dog Sport Association was founded in 2005 and has had over 400 members to date.

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Carolyn Scott and Rookie are the driving force behind the Musical Dog Sport Association. MDSA is proud of the shining example this team has brought to the sport and to uphold the values Carolyn has taught to generations of freestylers. Thank you Carolyn and Rookie for your exceptional leadership by example!



President - Carolyn Pfrank

Vice President - Barbara Walls

Secretary - Jo Monfort

Treasurer - Stuart Anderson


Board Members

Susan Cooper

Bridgette Pirtle

Amy Podojil

Bridget Spence



Board Services


Video Events

Live Events

Social Media

Stuart Anderson

MP Jackson

Jo Monfort

Barbara Walls

Bridgette Pirtle


Advisory Board


Carolyn Scott

Candace Crouch

MP Jackson

Karen Johnson

Pam Martin

Susanna Pathak

Ann Priddy

Emily Pyle

Katie Tracanna

Ilona Wright




Deb Abigt

Kim Beckberger (Apprentice)

Candace Crouch

Jo Monfort

Carolyn Pfrank

Mitzi Tinaglia (Apprentice)

Barbara Walls