A Circle of Friends is an MDSA affiliation for members to meet and support each other by forming area groups, small or large, of dog trainers interested in the sport of canine freestyle.  These Circles are listed below and will be updated periodically.

It's easy to start a Circle of Friends.  You only need a minimun of three (3) MDSA freestylers with one acting as a contact person.  The listing is free and may include a brief description of your Circle.  If you are interested in starting or posting a Circle of Friends in your area, please contact MDSA with your information.


Cape Cod

Capering Canines of Cape Cod

Contact Katie Tracanna at charliesamclaus@comcast.net

CCCC offers demonstrations around Cape Cod. We welcome new friends to join us. Please visit our Facebook Page to learn more:

The Capering Canines of Cape Cod

The Capering Canines of Cape Cod



Top Dog Freestylers

Contact Pam Martin at topdogpam@aol.com

We offer freestyle demonstrations in and outside of our area.  Seminars and ongoing classes are offered indoors.  We would love to have you join us in this exciting new venture.


Contact Sharon Castle texassixsteppers@gmail.com

We are an active freestyle group that trains in the Houston area.  Group classes and private lessons are offered indoors.  We work toward a variety of annual demonstration opportunities including the NRG World Series of Dog Shows and Pet Expo.  We also have members that participate in MDSA video events.




Wonder Dogs

Contact Jenn Michaelis at wonderdogsonline.com.


Roanoake, Southwestern VA

Star City S'wag'gers

Contact Mitzi Tinaglia at mitzi591@gmail.com or Candace Crouch at kayakcandy@aol.com

Private lessons, class instruction, group routines, workshops and demonstrations.

Team Star City S'wag'gers

Team Star City S'wag'gers