2016 Music Match Online Workshop


How to use this page:  Begin playing the heeling video, pause the video and mute it.  Then click on one of the music option links to open the YouTube music video in a new window.  Note that many YouTube music videos have ads that run before the music starts (and the ads can usually be skipped after a few seconds, if you wish to do that).  It may be a good idea to stay on the YouTube page to make sure the music you are hearing is not advertisement music.  

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On Stage Now...

Team # 17: Bridget & Otis, 1.5 year old Male Boxer

Music Options:

  1. "Living in a Bubble", Eiffel 65 
  2. "Cantina Song", Star Wars movie soundtrack
  3. "Manic Monday", The Bangles 
  4. "Bad Boy Good Man", Tape 5
  5.  "Inspector Gadget Cartoon", Intro Theme

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