video entry & payment instructions

Please review the MDSA Performance Guidelines to ensure you understand the requirements for MDSA events. You can review the MDSA Performance Guidelines in our Documents Section. Consult Section 4 for detailed filming instructions. MDSA reserves the right to refuse entries that are not usable because they do not conform to the guidelines put forth in the Performance Guidelines.

Only one titling class solo entry per dog per event is allowed.  You may register as many non-titling, Team, Brace, or Pairs entries as desired (in addition to a Titling solo entry).  A separate entry form must be completed for each routine entered.

Each entry will be evaluated by one judge in this event. Evaluations by Apprentice Judge(s) may be included, if available, but the evaluations by Apprentice Judges contain comments only (no scores). All participants will receive either a qualifying, exhibition or participation ribbon. Evaluations will be provided to entrants at a later date via mail and/or e-mail. Title certificates and rosettes will be mailed separately.

After event closing time, entries cannot be accepted, canceled, altered, or substituted. Submit your video entry here.

Entry fees

MDSA members receive discounts on event entries. Join us!

  • Freestyle Fun Class / Memorial Class $18 (members only)

  • Solo / Brace $33 (members $23)

  • Pairs / Team $28 (members $18)

Payment Instructions

PayPal payments: Send fee to In the subject/message line, reference the event number, class entered, your name, dog's name, and team name (if applicable).

Checks/money orders should be payable to MDSA. Please reference the event number, class entered, your name, dog's name, and team name (if applicable). Mail checks and money orders to:

MDSA Video Event

P.O. Box 114 Simonton, Tx. 77476-0114| USA


The MDSA wishes to give special acknowledgement to our Veteran freestyle dogs. If you are entering a Veteran Class, you are welcome to send the following voluntary information with your entry:

  • A short write-up about your dog (100 words or less). This can be a special wish, story, or anything else you desire to add to celebrate your Veteran dog.

  • A photo of your dog or you and your dog. Do not send originals as they cannot be returned! Send digital files to   Please include in the subject line, “Veteran class:  Handler and dog name, MDSA video event date”.