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This is a fun game introduced by Carolyn Scott.


NOTE: If you are short or your dog is tall and solid do not attempt this game unless you know your dog will fit comfortably through your legs. Large thin dogs like Borzois will duck to get through. More solid breeds can easily inflict injury to your knees by bumping your legs.


The basic game is:

1.      Have your dog in front of you.

2.      Stand with feet apart enough for the dog to go through your legs.

3.      Throw one treat between your legs to land at least one dog’s body length behind your feet and say “get it” at the same time.

4.      The dog should run through your legs and get the treat.

5.      Once the dog has cleared your feet, turn around to face the dog and repeat from step 1.

 This game is good for developing the bond with the dog, getting the dog’s attention and having him focus on you.

 Practise this in different locations, facing different directions.

 If you are in a new location and the dog is nervous, play this game to gain his confidence and get his focus on you.

 If the dog loves this game, it can be used as a reward.


 If you have a big dog that you know will fit through your legs it may take time to convince the dog he can do it.

(a)   Start by placing the treat between your feet so that he just has to lower his head to get the treat and then back out. Over time place the treat a little further behind you so that he has to duck to get it and then back out again. When he is comfortable with this try having him go all the way through.

 Some dogs are shy and just do not want to go through your legs.

If the dog is worried about you standing with feet apart, close them. Place a treat in front of your feet so that the dog has to come up to you to get it. Make sure you are not bending over as the dog approaches. Gradually move your feet apart and continue as explained in (a) above.