The Spirit of Sharing (SOS) program is a new title class designed to recognize teams using canine freestyle as part of community service related demonstrations.


From its inception in 2007 to April 1, 2012, Spirit of Sharing was a non-titling, volunteer program intended to encourage sharing the sport of freestyle in one’s community.  MDSA has automatically issued titles and title certificates to the dogs and handlers who have achieved one or more SOS title levels during this period. Complete details on earning points and obtaining SOS titles can be found on page 22 of the Performance Guidelines.

 The following is a short summary.


A visit that qualifies for SOS title points includes, but is not limited to:

  • Visits as part of an organized animal-assisted therapy group
  • Visits to hospitals and nursing homes
  • Educational demonstrations at schools, libraries, or preschools
  • Performances at Humane Society fund-raisers, rescue events, and other such demonstrations

There are no requirements as to the content, length or format of the freestyle performance at such visits, so long as it celebrates the MDSA freestyle vision and philosophy. In addition, there is no requirement to submit videos or photos, as these may be prohibited due to privacy laws. The only requirements are that each visit include the same dog and handler team, and these visits be recorded on the official MDSA SOS Log Sheet.


SOS titles are earned for every 25 qualifying visits. As you reach each 25-visit milestone, simply send your SOS Log Sheet  and processing fee as detailed in the SOS Entry form to receive your title certificate.


Click here to view a list of SOS titleholders