August 2015 Video Event Results


Musical Dog Sport Association (MDSA) Official Event Qualifiers

Event Name:  August 2015 Video Event

Event Number: 08201530V

The MDSA Executive Board is proud to announce the teams who received a qualifying score in this MDSA freestyle event. We wish to congratulate everyone who entered this event. We hope to see you all again in a future event.

Titles indicated by * and legs indicated in parens.

Class Novice
Culver, Allison & Petey (1)
Doody, Caitlin & Augustus (1)    
Fessler, Carol & Lucy (1)    
Lynch, Elizabeth & Coco*       
Michaelis, Jenn & Ringo* 
Pirtle, Bridgette & Roxxy (1)    
Schulte, Jessica & Trix (1)    
Toms, Carol & Hunter*        

Class Intermediate
Culver, Allison & Bob*
This is the first MDSA Intermediate Title awarded

Class Premier
Michaelis, Jenn & Terra* 
This is the first MDSA Premier Title awarded