How to Use the Online Workshop Archives


This tutorial shows you how to use the Table of Contents for MDSA's Online Workshops to access information in the workshop archives.

You can access the Table of Contents for the Online Workshops at MDSA's "Learning Center" page:

From the Table of Contents, choose the Archived Workshop that you would like to view. Here, I am choosing the August 2012 workshop "Heeling and Focus" presented by Ilona Wright which begins at message #22178.

toc 0a.jpg

Next, go to the MDSA Online Workshop Yahoo Group:  

You may need to login to your Yahoo account to access the site.  Once there, click on "Conversations"

After clicking on "Conversations", you will see the search option appear for workshop messages.

Simply type in the message # that is the starting message for the workshop that you want to view, mine is 22178.  Then click the search button.

Yahoo Groups will open up the message you are searching for.  You can use the right navigation button to scroll through the messages for the workshops.

Another option is to browse the Online Workshop archives by month.  After clicking on "Conversations", choose "Message History" under the "View" tab.

You will get a pop-up Calendar of Online Workshops.  Simply click on the month/year of the Online Workshop that you would like to view.  Here, I am choosing June 2013 (Magic of the Match Workshop).

Yahoo Groups takes you to the first message for the month/year that you chose!

Hope this helps all of our MDSA members to access the workshop archives.  If you have questions or comments, email us here.

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