May Online Workshop: "Breaking Down a Routine"


Taking a routine,

Listening to the music,

Looking at possible moves

And where to put them!

In this workshop, we will examine a completed freestyle performance, and note how the team presents itself. Participants will then separate the music into segments, and brainstorm to find which moves they can use to showcase their individual team's strengths.  The end result will be a great routine that is well matched to the music and the team.  Teams at all levels of training and experience can participate; and are encouraged to join in the discussions, video tape their choreographed segments, and share them with the group.

Workshop Presenter:  Barbara Walls

About Barbara Walls:

Barbara has been working with dogs her whole life. Her love of working with dogs has had her owning mixed breeds of all sizes, Chow Chow's, Labs, Shelties, and Australian Shepherds. 

She started out in formal Obedience, and proceeded on to compete in Conformation, Rally, Agility, & Tracking. In 2007, she was introduced to Canine Freestyle by her Aussie Ashley and has not looked back since. Barbara has had 4 wonderful Freestyle partners and is looking forward to the next generation.

Barbara is currently serving as Vice President of MDSA.


Barbara and 5-year-old Dawson performing his first freestyle routine.

Barbara and 5-year-old Dawson performing his first freestyle routine.