Welcome New Members!


MDSA is pleased to welcome our new members!  We hope you join us in our members-only Yahoo discussion groups - Online Workshop and Canine Freestyle Forum to learn and discuss all things freestyle. 

Links to all 3 MDSA-sponsored Yahoo discussion groups are conveniently located on our GROUPS page.  Also on this page is a link to our "CIRCLE OF FRIENDS" page.  We're noticing a lot of new members in the same geographic areas - perhaps you would like to start a Circle of Friends?

MDSA members are also eligibe for special classes at MDSA events, and receive discounts on MDSA event entry fees.  Click here to join MDSA.

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Karen - Anchorage, Alaska

Susan - Austin, Texas

Kasandra - Braintree, Vermont

Cathy - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Susan - Eighty Four,  Pennsylvania

Diane - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Darla - Verona, Pennsylvania

Sandy - McDonald, Pennsylvania

Roberta - Eighty Four, Pennsylvania

Karen - West Tisbury, Massachusetts

Marilyn - Houston, Texas

Leslie - Glen Allen, Virginia

Merissa - Glen Allen, Virginia

Susan - Glen Allen, Virginia

Tina - Glen Allen, Virginia

Janis - Glen Allen, Virginia

Toshiko - Glen Allen, Virginia

Melanie - Harper's Ferry, West Virginia

Katerina - Prague, Czech Republic

Kathleen - Denver, Colorado

Jeanette - Roanoke, Virginia

Lisa - San Diego, California

Caity - Browning, Montana

Chris - Salisbury, Maryland

Sharon - Rogers, Arkansas

Sheila - Billings, Montana

Joyce - Portage, Michigan

Lisa - Florence, Alabama

Connie - Roanoke, Virginia